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Wine guide I Vini di Veronelli 2020

In the 1896, Luigi Veronelli, a philosopher for schooling, gastronome and intellectual by vocation, publisher, writer, critic and journalist, founded the” Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli”. The guide I Vini di Veronelli has the purpose to examine and share the knowledge of the wine. Here are the achievements of our wines in the edition 2020:


Modolet is a place name that indicates the vineyard from which the grapes used for the sparkling wines arrive.
Angoris was a pioneer of sparkling wines in Friuli: the Modolet was born in 1973 and since then it has been considered a reference point of all the Charmat of Friuli.


THE TENUTA DI ANGORIS STARTED A LONG TIME AGO A PATH AIMED TO THE RESPECT FOR ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES. IN ONE WORD: TO THE SUSTAINABILITY Since 2015 we receive the Award Ecofriendly, established by Verallia in collaboration with the Guide Vinibuoni d’Italia. It is a recognition, assigned to the wineries, and to consortium, which …

16 48 Brut Bianco

A single goal: following the tradition of Angoris’ first classical method, the “Nature”, which ceased production in 1996. From here comes 16 48: a toast to Angoris and its long history.

Gambero Rosso Wine Guide 2020

The wine guide Gambero Rosso is one of the most distinguished and influential Italian guides in the wine sector. Founded by Stefano Bonilli, reviews every year 20,000 wines from the most prestigious Italian wineries. Here are the achievements of our wines in the edition 2020:


Know in Friuli since 1622 (knows as Tocai, however) Friulano is Friuli’s most cultivated varietal. In the hills, a simple wine becomes layered and complex.


Contacts Contacts Tenuta di Angoris Srl – Società Agricola Loc. Angoris, 7 - 34071 Cormons (GO) - Italy Opening hours of our wine shop: from Monday to Friday: 09.00 am– 12.30 pm and 03.00 pm – 06.00 pm Saturday open all day: 10.00 am– 05.00 pm Contact List Loc. Angoris, 7 - 34071 Cormons (GO) ...


For the next Christmas we wish to present our wines together with some local products, to promote these small and medium productions, that contribute to express our wine in the best way. These baskets represent a synergy of aromas, flavors and fragrances, that reflect all the local production and culture.