Centro Medico Pedagogico di Santa Maria dei Colli


Today was held the presentation meeting of the Pedagogical Medical Center of Santa Maria dei Colli organized in collaboration with the Association I Ragazzi di Fraelacco ODV, it is a Center in which children and adults with different levels of disabilities are hosted, often also in a semiresidential regime.

The purpose of the evening was to open the doors of the Center and its spaces, presenting the various activities and goals to be achieved.

Among the various initiatives presented, “Grappolo Solidale” is the one we are directly involved with and in which the whole Locatelli Family really believes. Part of the grapes harvested in the Institute’s vineyards, in fact, will be vinified for free at Tenuta di Angoris and will create 2,500 bottles that will then become a vehicle for raising awareness and promotion for the Center.

For more information regarding the "Grappolo Solidale" project you can visit the following page where it will be fully explained what this beautiful project really consists of:



by visiting directly the official page of the Association

I Ragazzi di Fraelacco ODV