Grappolo Solidale, a wine for solidarity

“Wine has always represented life. There is nothing better than a good glass of wine to warm hearts and share together the project of  Centro Santa Maria dei Colli di Fraelacco.”

Locatelli family

The Grappolo Solidale project was created to support the Santa Maria dei Colli Pedagogical Medical Center in Fraelacco, a Center which since 1964 has welcomed, especially on a semi-residential basis, children, young people and adults with different levels of disabilities.

The activities are carried out thanks to 42 employees, a dozen volunteers and 4 heroic nuns who offer help, assistance and training projects to the 69 guests whose ages range from 6 to 60 years.

The project was born from an idea of ​​the organization I Ragazzi dei Colli di Fraelacco in collaboration with Tenuta di Angoris, owned by the Locatelli family, who immediately strongly believed in and supported the initiative. Starting from the grape harvest of the historic vineyard of Santa Maria dei Colli, then passing through its vinification, bottling and up to the creation of the bottle whose label was designed by the artist Gianni Pignat.

The final result is the creation of bottles of red wine, mainly Merlot, made with absolute creativity and passion.

All the funds raised with the Grappolo Solidale project will then be used to support the Santa Maria dei Colli pedagogical medical center in Fraelacco for the purchase of a new inclusive playground.


Anyone interested in contributing to the Grappolo Solidale project through the purchase of a bottle can write an email to the address: Ragazzicollifraelacco@gmail.com
by visiting website at the following link https://www.grappolosolidale.it/home
If you are interested in contributing to the project through a donation, the reference IBAN is:
IT 62 Y 05484 64070 000003200764