The Angoris line gets a makeover


Great news from Tenuta di Angoris! In fact, the Angoris line is renewed and becomes the Locatelli line!

“Dearly beloved, herewith we would like to briefly tell you about the new project from which the Locatelli label takes shape. The name of our Family, which has always owned Tenuta di Angoris, represents the direct connection of our wines to the heart of those who produce them and to the land from which they come. The first point has in it all the excitement and mystery of a union that has always existed between Angoris and the Locatelli family that has guarded these lands for centuries. Angoris for the Locatelli family is more than a house, it is the beginning of a long history that has managed to keep intact the deep bond between the land and man. As for the second point, that is, the land, we wanted to go beyond the specificity of DOC by registering our vineyards with their names, and so here are the vineyards of “STABILI DELLA ROCCA“, for the Colli Orientali area, and the vineyards of “RONCO ANTICO” for the Collio area. The traceability of a wine not only to its appellation area, but more precisely to the vineyard where it is produced, helps to understand its characteristics and its true essence given by the wind, the exposure to light and the often different soil a few meters away. This is why the Locatelli label was born, on the back of which is summarized what has been described above and where Tenuta di Angoris in its great historicity represents the inescapable origin of each and every product and the deep bond over the centuries with the Locatelli family.”



Marta Locatelli


Discover the Locatelli line here: https://angoris.com/en/product-category/angoris-line/