Ribolla Gialla 2022


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Technical Sheet

Grape Variety

Ribolla Gialla 100% – DOC Friuli Colli Orientali

Soils Profile

Ponca (eocenic marl)
Area: Stabili della Rocca

Type of Wine



13,0% Vol.


0,75 L


After the cold maceration, the fermentation of the must takes place at a controlled temperature for 10 days.
Then the wine is left to rest 8 months in stainless steel tanks and is then aged in the bottle for a month.

Tasting Profile

Pale straw yellow with greenish hues.
Fine and floral, peach, apricot, lemon, herbaceous aroma and minerals.
Soft, elegant, balanced, creamy, fruity and with strong acidity and minerality.

Food Pairing

San Daniele Ham, raw fish, vegetarian dishes, soups, fish pasta dishes.
Serving temperature 10 – 12 °C


DOC Friuli Colli Orientali & DOC Collio

15 hectares of vineyards are located in the hills of the DOC Friuli Colli Orientali area along 4 different south-east facing slopes, on the historical cru “Stabili della Rocca”. The soil here is the typical ponca: a mix of carbonate-rich mudstone and clays, that is the marl originated in the Eocene epoch.

In the DOC Collio area, 5 hectares of vineyards stretch in the south-facing slopes of the hills located in the “Ronco Antico” cru. They sit in a perfect natural amphitheater, surrounded and protected by the natural reserve of Plessiva.

The Angoris line reflects the features that made Friulian wines famous worldwide. White wines are typically bold, pleasant, mineral and with intense fragrances, while red wines have a more spicy note, with earthy taste and an enchanting complexity.

We love it with:

Take the mullets, rinse them under running water and using scissors remove the part of the belly with the entrails. Rinse them again and keep them aside. Repeat the same operation for the cod, but for the anchovies and cepolas you just need to rinse them. Now move on to the calamari. Remove the cape from the head and remove the internal cartilage feather. Wash the coat under running water, cleaning it of entrails. Make a slight incision and pull the skin away using a small knife. Wash the squid again under water, then cut the fins to separate them from the mantle and cut the rest into rings. Take the part of the tentacles and using a knife remove the part of the eyes; then by pushing out with your fingers you also remove the beak contained in the center of the tentacles.

Also rinse the prawns under water. When all the fish are clean you can move on to frying. Heat plenty of oil in a pan, it must reach a temperature of 180-190°; measure it with a kitchen thermometer. In the meantime, pour the semolina into a low, wide container. When the oil has reached temperature, flour the cods completely.

Remove the excess semolina and immerse them one at a time in the boiling oil. Also flour the mullets and fry these too together with the cod. Wait 3-4 minutes and when they are golden brown, drain them and transfer them to a tray lined with straw paper. Then also flour the squid and use a sieve to remove the excess flour by shaking it. Fry these too for a few minutes until they are golden and transfer them next to the other fish.

Then flour the anchovies and remove the excess semolina as just done. Immerse these in the oil too. Then also flour the cepole and fry them together with the anchovies. Wait a couple of minutes and when they are golden brown, drain these too and transfer them to the tray with the straw paper.

Now take care of the prawns. Pass them in the semolina and immerse them in the hot oil. Wait about 1 minute and when they are golden, drain these too, transfer them to the tray together with the other fish. Decorate with lemon wedges and serve the mixed fried seafood while still hot. Enjoy your meal!

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