Saturday, October 15th the customary end of harvest festival was celebrated: All the details on this link!

On Saturday 15th October Tenuta di Angoris hosted the annual meeting “Voci da Vigneto”: an appointment dedicated to the end of the harvest and moment of gathering to celebrate this important period of the agricultural year. “It is a pleasure to find relatives, friends, customers and suppliers during an evening dedicated to this magic month which is decisive for our work.” said Marta Locatelli.

The event started with the aperitif in the tasting room of the company and then continued in the cellar. Here, before going down to the underground cellar for the technical presentation, Marta Locatelli offered the guests a glass of Friulano DOC FCO 2016 poured straight from the barrel.

Once seated among the barrels of red wines and the autoclaves of sparkling wines, after the greetings of the mayor of Cormons Luciano Patat and the councillor for regional agricultural policies Cristiano Shaurli, the guests were able to listen to the oenologist Alessandro Dal Zovo who analysed the climatic trends of the entire wine season during which “apart from the insistent rains at the end of May, nothing happened afterwards that could compromise the final quality of the grapes. The 2016 vintage therefore promises to be a year to be remembered both for the health of the grapes and for the splendid sunny days of September and late October. Thanks to this climatic trend, the harvest began in September, which has not happened for several years, and the variety that has benefited more from the beautiful weather is the Tocai Friulano that, more than all the other white grapes, needs warm sunny days, fresh and dry nights, to reach full maturation.” said the oenologist.

The dinner took place at Villa Locatelli where, accompanied by the piano music of Claudio Cojaniz and the guitar of Gaetano Valli, the guests were able to taste the Pinot Bianco 2015 DOC Isonzo, Friulano DOC FCO 2015, just awarded Tre Bicchieri on the prestigious guide of Gambero Rosso 2017 and Friulano DOC COF 2009, Merlot Ravòst DOC FCO 2013 and 2005, and Verduzzo Friulano 2015.

Several publications spoke of the evening such as QBQuantoBasta, a magazine of taste and good taste, Il FriuliIl Piccolo  and Messaggero Veneto .

At this link you can see the video of the evening!