In October the harvest comes to an end while autumn comes to life with its typical colours: Voci dal Vigneto (Voices from the Vineyard) is a dinner that was thought up just to celebrate this magical time of year.

An event that will be re-proposed every year and, starting next autumn, it will be given a decidedly fresh look, both in organization and content.

Last October 11th 2014 was an opportunity to tell friends and family how the harvest took place and to unravel some historical news about the estate taken from a series of ancient documents that are being studied.

The dinner was enhanced with some special wines that have been kept specially for important occasions like this: The Modolet Bianco Anniversario 40 anni, the classic method sparkling wine 16 48 white 2007 sur lies disgorging at volée, the Trecentossesantanni White 2008, the Schioppettino Doc Fco 2009 and the Picolit Doc Cof 2005.

The evening was accompanied by the piano of Claudio Cojaniz who was able to interpret the evening and enrich it with his notes.

Here is the video in which Marta Locatelli welcomes guests into the hall on the first floor of Villa Locatelli and presents the evening.