Wednesday 23 October

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A new event to Angoris: Voci dal Vigneto

After having celebrated the first 370 years of history, a project has been presented: a book, that had Marta Locatelli thought, wished and finally realized.

The help of the historian Stefano Cosma was crucial for it’s realization. In the writing have been reported, item by item, the facts really occurred, that carved in the years this piece of border land, marking the history for almost 400 years.

The surprises continue. With the arrival of a special guest Vittorio Sgarbi the atmosphere changed, the attentive looks of the present people, the words, pronounced with a determined and emphatic voice, that knew how to touch the audience, in a sort of return to the past, but made for some moments more alive than ever!

Once finished the historical review of the book, Sgarbi highlighted how Angoris new to build a shape, more present than ever, thanks to it’s products, wines that new how to connect the tradition to the nowadays life, almost as a glue between the pass, present and future.

Because the wine is culture, tradition and history of this land, and Angoris is an important representative since many years.