The wines

The wines

The production

The Tenuta di Angoris produces two lines of still wines and two of sparkling wine. The “Villa Locatelli” line of wines comes from the vineyards in the plain, in the Friuli Isonzo DOC area, while from the hilly terraces, in the Denomination of origin areas Collio and Friuli Colli Orientali, come the grapes for the production of the “Angoris” line of wines.

The company also produces two lines of sparkling wines: the Modolet Charmat method and the 16 48 classical method.

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The cellar

The cellar is at the same time the quietest but the most alive place of the whole winery.

Everything begins during the harvest, when the ferment of the must and of the people makes this place dynamic and vital.

On the ground floor life flows by as normal, while on the lower one, in the darkest and most sheltered area, the barrels with the ageing wine and the classic method sparkling bottles remain silent, resting, waiting for years.

Here each wine slowly finds the shape that the company philosophy wants to give it.

Sparkling wines

Villa Locatelli line

Angoris line

Giulio Locatelli