«This year we celebrated the Preview of new vintage Spiule Chardonnay 2017 DOC Friuli Colli Orientali, organizing a tasting dedicated to the classical method sparkling wines! – announced Marta Locatelli, the owner of Tenuta di Angoris – Our desire is to reaffirm the value of this production, promoting and highlighting the unique characteristics, that define the Friuli production.»

«This year we have started from our history: – continued Marta Locatelli – during the historical research for the book, which illustrates the centuries of Angoris, we have found in a drawer of the villa some invoices, dated back to 1971 and 1972, for the purchase of classical method sparkling Italian wines and some Champagnes, to “study” them, in preparation of our sparkling wines production, started in 1973!

Starting from these wines, (current vintages), we have chosen other classical method sparkling wines from Friuli, Italy and other countries: “we wished to bring the attention to this method of sparkling vinification, it’s refinement and elegance, to the hard work and patience that it requires.»

On Tuesday, after the Speech of Stefano Cosma (professional taster, and wine historian) about the spread of sparkling wine in Friuli in the last two centuries, the tasting really got going: all the wines have been tasted blindly one by one, in total silence, and only at the end the guests compared their impressions. «What came into light with regard to the Friuli classical method sparkling wines is an outstanding and well balanced acidity and sapidity, less smoothness on palate, while in all of them prevail an olfactory floral note: it is important to maintain these notes, identification of the territory, that make unique and pleasant these wines, – characteristics typical of our land, that the classical sparkling vinification let to emerge and stand out.» concluded Marta Locatelli.


Tenuta di Angoris from 2015 organizes these previews dedicated to Spìule Chardonnay: in the first year the focus was Chardonnay, in 2016 was the year of indigenous reds for aging, in 2017 was faced the topic of indigenous white wines, produced on the 45th parallel from Georgia to Val d’Aosta, while last year was the occasion of sweet and raisin wines. All this with the only purpose: to let the quality of Friuli wines emerge and stand out inside a big challenge and comparison with the best wines at national and international level.

The following is the order of the tasted wines: Gran Cuvée from the winery Villa Parens (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Brut Rebolium Sinefinis from the winery Gradis’ciutta (Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia), Sedici Quarantotto from Tenuta di Angoris (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Gran Cuvée Blanc de Noir from the winery Travaglino (Oltrepò Pavese), Franciacorta ’61 Nature from the winery Guido Berlucchi, Cava Brut Reserva Heredad della Segura Viudas (Spain), Champagne Brut Special Cuvée Bollinger and Champagne Brut Grande Cuvèe 166eme Edition Krug.


The tasting board included Marta LocatelliAlessandro Bologna (oenologist of the winery), Stefano Cosma (regional curator of Guida Vini Buoni d’Italia and wine historian), Gianni Ottogalli (well-known sommelier, educational supervisor of Associazione Italiana Sommelier FVG and manager of Guida Gambero Rosso for FVG), Jenny Viant Gomez (sommelier and journalist, writes for magazine Vinoway and manages blog MásWine) Michelangelo Tagliente (sommelier, journalist, curator of the blog La stanza del vino), Paolo Frigo (regional representative for Triveneto of the web site Wine Meridian), Đurđa Katić (Serbian sommelier, communication manager of ASI – Association de la Sommelerie Internationale, and vice president of Serbian Sommelier), Roberto Filipaz (sommelier, vicepresident Associazione Italiana Sommelier FVG, architect, organizer of the event Le Bollicine sul golfo in Trieste), Andrea Zanfi (traveller, writer of more than 50 publications in wine and food sector, publisher of magazine Bubbles), Carlotta Menini (member of Unione Italiana Vini) and Carlo Alberto Panont (former director of Consorzio Franciacorta, Valtellina e Garda Doc, now manages Consorzio of Oltrepò Pavese).

After the tasting, the group moved to the cellar, where attended the disgorging of the sparkling wine 16 48, vintage 2014 and tasted the just “disgorged” wine.

The morning ended with a lunch in Villa Locatelli.

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