Friday 20th September 2019  at 19:30
Convento di San Francesco
Piazza della Motta, 2
33170 Pordenone

Meeting with Stefano Cosma and Marta Locatelli. Presented by Alessandro Marzo Magno.

The history of Angoris and of all that what turned around this place in the last 4 centuries, through the protagonists of fascinating stories. A romanticized story, based on a historical archives – private and public, epistolary and diaries, enriched by unpublished pictures. The narrating voice is the only invented character: a Red Cross nurse, who finds herself in a military hospital of Angoris during the World War I. From 1968 the estate is a property of the family Locatelli from Pordenone.

Why a book?

Because it collects among it’s pages all that what we don’t wish to forget; and with this book, I wish not to forget the incredible history of our land and it’s protagonists, the tenacity and the passion, which these people shown in their work and in the adversity of the life. The story of who, through the work, knew how to give pieces of his own being to the others.

Marta Locatelli

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