Last October 13th the dinner “Voci dal vigneto” was held again at Villa Locatelli. The evening, structured like the first edition of last year, began with the welcome aperitif in the tasting room of the company and then continued in the villa.

On the first floor, Marta Locatelli reminded to all participants of the “Tre Bicchieri” prize awarded by Gambero Rosso guide to Spìule Chardonnay DOC FCO 2013 and then she let speak the oenologist Alessandro Dal Zovo who gave a report of the 2015 vintage in the vineyard, explaining how the climate influenced positively or negatively during the various phenologic phases of the vine, until it reached the harvest period.

After the greetings of the two sales managers Alessandro Dalla Mora and Alan Gaddi, Marta Locatelli presented the “Riserva Giulio Locatelli”: «We have dedicated our four best still wines to my grandfather: Giulio Locatelli! We wished to create something in his memory. Giulio in 1968 bought the Tenuta and immediately began to manage it with that entrepreneurial and forward-looking spirit that had always distinguished him. We chose four wines that represent him: the elegance of Spìule Chardonnay from Colli Orientali (which this year has been awarded by Tre Bicchieri, the harmony of Collio Bianco (awarded in 2012 as Friulano & Friends best white blend), the decision of Merlot Ravòst (news of this year) and the audacity of Pignolo (awarded 92 points by Robert Parker). We have created a new packaging using the shades of blue for the two white wines and red for the two red wines, distinguishing them from the rest of the production.»

Luciano Locatelli, Marta’s father and Giulio’s son, also welcomed the news with emotion remembering his father figure, and reaffirming how important it is that the younger generations should learn from the experience of those “less young”.

In the sitting room, the vice-President of the region, Sergio Bolzonello, took the floor recalling how the family of Giulio Locatelli, together with Savio and Zanussi, created the current Pordenone in the years following the Second World War: changing it and bringing a unique entrepreneurial and humanist impulse.

Also the mayor of Cormons, Luciano Patat, thanked the Locatelli family as representatives of a historical reality of the territory and at the same time as spokesperson for the name of Friuli and Cormons in 39 countries around the world.

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